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Consumer FAQ about 4x4 Brackets for Deer Blinds, Playhouses, Swing Sets, Tree Houses
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Consumer FAQ about 4x4 Brackets for Deer Blinds, Playhouses, Swing Sets, Tree Houses

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Consumer FAQ about 4x4 Brackets for Deer Blinds, Playhouses, Swing Sets, Tree Houses


4x4  Brackets for Deer Blinds, Playhouses, Swing Sets, Tree Houses

Each set of Cangzhoufutong 1088 includes (4) individual E1088 to complete the set. Save time with the Cangzhoufutong E1088 4 x 4 compound angle elevator brackets. this brackets are built in the China, with over 30% more premium steel than any competitor making them longer and stronger. Cangzhoufutong are designed for the elements and can withstand high winds and frigid temperatures that others cannot. Each 4x4 inserts 5. 75” to ensure maximum safety and sturdiness. Cangzhoufutong use heavy duty 12-gauge steel with robotically-welded joints, making them strong enough for the next do-it-yourself playhouse, swing set platform, deer blind, or free-standing deck. Elevators are designed with an 8° angle that is scientifically proven to be the optimum angle for vertical load and preventing side-to-side sway. On your next project, use the original and best brackets, Elevators, always made in the China.

Question:What is the angle? For a 10 foot high stand,what are the base dimensions? (How far apart would the legs be at the ground for a 4'X8' platform?)

Answer:Spread grows about two feet on both ends. My 4x6 is closer to 6x8 at base. So, yours will grow to approximately 6x10. 

Question:What is the load rating for these? 12'x12' deck w/6'x6' blind on it?

Answer:Do not know the actual load rating. My blinds are 5' x 5" and everything is 16" on center i would say they weigh around 450 to 500 pounds and they handle them with ease.

Question:Will these support an 8 foot by 8 foot hunting house 16 foot high

Answer:These brackets will support any platform/structure that is less than 1,000lbs total. When elevating anything over 6ft x 6ft, we recommend that you use additional straight angle supports along the center of each side of the structure. You can check out our other brackets available here.

Question:Does anyone know the actual height of the base when using 8ft or 10ft 4x4's? Because they are angled out I would imagine its a little less?

Answer:It really depends if you are sinking your 4x4's in the ground. If you are not doing that I'm not home to give you an exact measurement but I would say roughly a foot less with an 8ft to 10ft board. I used it for a hunting stand with 16ft 4x4's and sunk them 2ft in the ground. This is an awesome product.

Question:Is the manufacturers part number E1088?

Answer:Yes. Listed right on Amazon under specification.

Question:I received straight 4x4 brackets when i ordered the compound angle brackets. Do i have to deal with amazon about this or can i go thru the manufatuer?

Answer:never seen the straight ones if they are not what were expecting contact amazon they are great about returns

Question:what was the cost of this item?

Answer:$86 -- well worth the cost. They are heavy steel, good welding, great design!

Question:Are these avaliable in a 0 offset for mid-mount in a long span?


Question:Using 8 foot 4 x 4’s, do you have a basic idea of the footprint. They will be going on a 6 x 8 box

Answer:Figure on a 10 x 12 footprint.

Question:can these brackets support a 8x8 hunting blind that is 12 feet off the ground

Answer:Yes they will support an 8x8 12ft deer blind. O have a 6x6 13 ft deer blind I used these for.

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