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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -FSB6
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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -FSB6

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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -FSB6


Floating Shelf Brackets

Products Description
Material: carbon steel
Surface: black powder coating
Base plate:1½" height & 2" wide & 5/32″ thick

Rod:6” length,1/2" diameter
load capacity: 100 lbs


Package details
4x brackets
8x screws M4.5*50mm 
8x screw M4*30mm
8x dry wall anchor 
8x brick wall anchor

Question:Do you need to drill the holes at a bit of an angle ... to prevent the shelf from “settling down” and tilting Down? I am putting plates them

Answer:I don’t think it’s necessary as they are pretty sturdy.

Question:What is the max shelf depth that can be supported? And what’s the minimum thickness you recommend for the wood shelf? Thank you

Answer:We recommend shelf depth of at least 6.5 inches which leaves a little space in the shelf, so that the bracket does not come out of the shelf.

For the thickness we recommend at least 2.5 inches, so that the brackets does not peak out above the shelf. 

Question:I have approximately a 110 lb solid mantel. Its roughly 100 inches wide, 5 inches high and 10 inches deep. If i use two sets(8 brackets) will it hold?

Answer:Yes, it definitely will

Question:I'm want to use a 2 x 12 x ? for my floating shelf, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to hide the bracket fully. Is it possible?

Answer:A 2x12 is 1 1/2" thick and can be drilled center and work, but the mounting flange on the bracket would show if the flange is exposed. (Option) You can remove the drywall cutout for the flange and screw it to a stud and then patch in the drywall with drywall mud or spackle to hide the flange.

Question:How much weight can one bracket support?

Answer:The brackets for them selves can support at least 75 lbs.

However, the weight supported is dependent on what wall the brackets are on.

If they are mounted on a dry-wall then be carefull with adding above 50 lbs on the shelf, but for brick-wall or concrete-wall it can hold 75 lbs.

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