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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -NFSB6
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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -NFSB6

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Consumer FAQ for Floating Shelf Bracket -NFSB6

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Floating Shelf Brackets

Products Description
Material: carbon steel
Surface: black powder coating
Base plate:1½" height & 2" wide & 5/32″ thick

Rod:6” length,1/2" diameter
load capacity: 75 lbs


Package details
4x brackets
8x screws M4.5*50mm 
8x screw M4*30mm
8x dry wall anchor 
8x brick wall anchor

Question:Is it 75lb for each bracket?

Answer:Yes, when installed correctly on a solid wall.

Question:Can I use this to support an acacia slab? - 72x18x2

Answer:I think that an 18" deep shelf supported by hidden shelf rods that are at the maximum 8" deep is asking for trouble. I wouldn't install a shelf any deeper than 12".

I would look for another way to support it entirely , or with traditional shelf brackets. If the shelf is within 3 ft. or so from the ceiling, you could always hang the two outside opposite corners with a small piece of 1/4" x 36" all-thread with a washer and nut under the shelf and then the opposite up in the ceiling with an appropriate 1 x4 block in the ceiling space; strong enough to support you proposed weight. then just three of your hidden brackets at the wall. No brackets showing , or maybe you have tile on the wall, and don't want to mount anything on the tile.

Question:what is the measurement center to center top & bottom for the screw holes ?

Answer:Center to center top measurement for the screw holes is 13/16"

Center to center bottom measurement for the screw holes is 1- 3/16"

Question:I bought a kit with four brackets. Do I need to use all four for a 5 foot board (1.5 “ thick)?

Answer:I guess it depends on the amount of weight u put on the shelf. But on a 5’ board you should still be able to hit two studs on your wall. If u can’t hit both studs limit the weight over the bracket Bieber held by drywall. I used 2 brackets on 3’ x 3” thick.

Question:What are the maximum shelf dimensions?

Answer:I think that would all depend on the thickness of the shelf material you are using, I used butcher block which is about 1 1/2”- 2”, so pretty sturdy, you could probably use 3 supports for 1 shelf if it spanned pretty far, just to help support better-

Question:What size drillbit is needed to drill the 6 inch deep hole in the shelf?

Answer:A 1/2" drill bit is needed.

Question:Does it come with the hole jig and drill bit?

Answer:No. The steel floating shelves do not normally come with a drill jig. You must use some type of jig to help guide the drill bit such a long distance through the edge! Search U tube videos for ideas. I had to drill 8" deep into a 12 wide , 1 1/2' thick maple. I could not possibly do that without a jig: even a fairly inexpensive hardened plastic drill jig one would suffice, with the precise recommended diameter drill bit. You must drill slowly and occasionally withdraw the bit to keep a clean straight hole, with a steady hand and eye.

Question:I have a 12" shelf. I need the brackets to 12". Do you have them in 12"?

Answer:6" bracket should be plenty fine for 12" shelf. We don't have 12" brackets unfortunately.

Question:Will this work for a fireplace mantel?

Answer:Depends on how heavy it is. There is some deflection and they may not carry a heavy timber unless you used at least 2 sets

Will these work for a 10' long, 16" deep, 3 inch thick live edge shelf?
I don't think so. I used an 8" long post for the wide shelf. The anchors I used had an extended bracket with two holes to either side, BUT, I installed them vertically on a stud using 3" GRK screws, and did not attach the lower screws below the post until the shelf was mostly on the brackets. I used 4 brackets, for a ten footer, Very awkward, it took three people to get our shelf lined up. You must, must use a drill guide for those deep holes . Its not very forgiving

Can these be cut down to accommodate 4" shelves?
Yes sure. If you have the tools to cut steel.

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