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Consumer FAQ for Garden Bed Corner Bracket 9 inch
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Consumer FAQ for Garden Bed Corner Bracket 9 inch

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Consumer FAQ for Garden Bed Corner Bracket 9 inch


Garden Bed Corner Bracket

9" in height, 3"x3" formed corners

Beautiful Rust color blends well with your outdoor projects

Attractive, rust-resistant, powder-coated steel

Set of 4 brackets, will fit any shape with right angles

Hardware included (8 screws per bracket)

Question:Can these be placed on the inside of the boards so they do not show?


Question:who would not want radius corners on a bed?

Answer:This is meant for vegetable/flower raised bed construction outdoors with treated lumber as tha sides. The squared brackets connect the squared off lumber sides. A radius finish would add un necessary cost

However there are several decorative styles available from other garden store outlets. Hope you find what you need

Question:Are these garden brackets rust proof? I don't want them falling apart in a couple of years.

Answer:yes,they are rust proof in 5 years

Question:How thick is this hot rolled steel material?

Answer:These are made from 14 gauge HR.

Question:How far are the screw holes from the outer edge of the brackets?

Answer:3/4" from the edge, about 2 1/4" from the corner. I measured from the middle of the screw

Question:Using 2 x lumber. The brackets look 3" wide. Is there enough room for the screw on the one side of the bracket that 2" is already taken up?

Answer:I built my raised garden bed using

8' long 2' tall x 1 1/2" thick planks. The brackets worked great and still look good. I screwed the brackets into the side of the planks. So I guess you would have an inch clearance? I checked mine this morning and while mine have a bit more room, everything still looked secure.

Question:What size and type of lumber did you use?

Answer:For me, untreated pine due to availability and cost, but I knew it won't last more than a few years. My raised bed is 4x10. I think about a good foot tall. Really, you can use anything that you wish. I think my wood is about 1 1/2 inch thick. It was very easy to put together!


Question:Are they heavy duty, & can be used in the construction of a Chicken coop?

Answer:Yes, yes, extremely heavy duty. We built large flower beds with these corner brackets and attached them to small railroad ties. They are holding up beautifully... Highly recommend them.


Question:Are these more brown in color or black ?

Answer:They are brown, and quite handsome as you can see from my raised-bed garden. Also extremely sturdy; worth the money as I expect to use this garden box for years.


Question:I want to use different screws. What size screws will fit the holes? I was looking at 1/4-20 x 1.


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