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Deep Drawn Stamping Services at Cangzhou Futong
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Deep Drawn Stamping Services at Cangzhou Futong

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Deep Drawn Stamping Services at Cangzhou Futong

Some of the most intricate steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, and plastic components are created with deep drawn stamping. Even though it’s a highly precise endeavor that requires specific equipment and experience, it’s a simple concept that involves pressing a sheet of metal into a cavity to create the desired shape of the part. The technique gets its name from the fact that the finished product is usually deeper than it is wide. Visit our Deep Drawn Stamping page to view how this process is performed!

At Cangzhou Futong Company, we work with more than 30 400-ton presses, giving us the capability to produce parts ranging from 0.005 to 0.05 inches in thickness with tight tolerances. We’re committed to quality control and production monitoring to ensure the best products for our customers.


Benefits of Deep Drawn Stamping

There are many advantages, including:


High Quality Parts: Since they’re created from a single piece of metal, there are no seams, joints, or weak areas.

Strength and Durability: Stamping the metal increases its strength via strain hardening.

Cost-Effective Repeatability: The process is especially effective for large runs. Once the dies are created, you can manufacture a high volume of precise components.

Versatile:Deep drawn stamping is ideal for even the most complex designs.

Short Lead Time: It’s relatively easy to go from design to production.

Precise:The tools create accurate cuts and shapes, and since no heat is used in the process, you can avoid warping for greater precision.

Reduced Waste: A precise, replicable process means you know how much material you’ll need and you can avoid excess scrap metal.

Working With Cangzhou Futong Company


We’re committed to innovation and the education of the next generation of manufacturers throughout the Chicago area and all over the United States. Visit our Deep Drawn Stamping service page or Contact us to learn more about deep drawn metal stamping and the other services we offer, or request a quote for your next project.

Cangzhou Futong is a full-service sheet metal fabricator that uses lean manufacturing tools and focuses on continuous improvement to give you the best results. From traditional metal fabrication services to 3D laser welding and rapid prototyping,Cangzhou Futong is your one-stop-shop for sheet metal projects from conception to production.


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