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Galvanized Wall Brace Tensioner Strong-Tie for strap
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Galvanized Wall Brace Tensioner Strong-Tie for strap

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The Wall Brace Tensioner is an easy‑to‑use wall strap‑brace tensioner that takes the slack out of strap bracing, saving time over other methods. With the ability to pull as much as 20mm of slack out of a single strap,  It resists tension loads only and should be used in pairs (one for each strap when in X‑brace configuration). This unique tensioner tensions in just 3 seconds with either a hex or Phillips bit!

* Tensions your bracing in 3 seconds
* Bolt now with Phillips & Hex drive – saving time changing bits!
* Anti-Slip Notch to prevent slipping or spinning
* Bolt shaped to prevent tearing in bracing galvanised coating

Carbon Steel 3.0mm thick

Z275 Galvanised

* Place WBT near centre of diagonal wall brace
* Install bolt through strap and WBT with nut facing towards the wall cavity
* Tightening the nut requires 10mm hex head deep socket setter. Tighten until the slack is taken out of the strap

Strap Brace Tensioners are used to pre-tension structural bracing strap after it has been installed on wall panels or roof trusses according to AS1684.

STEP 1: Place the SMART tensioner on the strap and insert the screw through one of the center holes of the strap bracing.

STEP 2: Insert the screw into the nut of the SMART tensioner and tighten using a 5/16 tek driver, to pull the strap into the cupped side of the SMART tensioner until the strap slack is removed.

STEP 3: Strap bracing is a tension brace and is installed as cross bracing. When tensioning the straps, take care to ensure even tension to avoid distorting the frame.

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