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Handmade Under Desk Storage Shelf for Tablets, Smartphones And Books
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Handmade Under Desk Storage Shelf for Tablets, Smartphones And Books

The handmade under desk storage shelf is designed to keep your laptop, books and other items hidden under the desktop. Let’s have a look if you’re looking for a nice solution to keep your desktop neat and clean.

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Handmade Under Desk Storage Shelf for Tablets, Smartphones and Books

Under Desk Storage Shelf

The handmade under desk storage shelf is designed to keep your laptop, books and other items hidden under the desktop. Let’s have a look if you’re looking for a nice solution to keep your desktop neat and clean.


This is a well-made and practical under desk shelf handmade by SUREALONG, a factory in China. The storage shelf measures 3 x 12 x 11 inches. As shown in the images, it delivers a minimalistic and low-profile apperance design. Meanwhile, it’s laser-cut from 16 ga mild steel and the exterior is powder coated for long-lasting durability.

With 4 included 3/4-inch black oxide screws, you can easily mount the shelf under the desktop. With the decent inner capacity, the under desk storage shelf keeps your books, iPad, smartphone and more small items in place. Furthermore, a custom cutout is arranged on the end of the shelf to make USB cables go through for easy to charge your mobile devices.

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