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International building materials market: "small" hardware into the climate
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International building materials market: "small" hardware into the climate

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One color TV set costs more than $100 to export, enough for a family to buy two. But a family has at least five or six doors, each with a lock. The security doors on the front door cost more than $100 a lock, and each door inside costs a few dozen dollars. The decoration on the door, a set of various armrests down, and more than ten dollars.

In China minmetals chemical import and Export Chamber of Commerce comprehensive business Department director Yu Dahai's plan, the reporter deeply realized that at ordinary times is not the attention of the majority of the small hardware building materials, export gold content is not small.

According to Yu Dahai to reporters, in 2005, China's hardware and building materials industry total import and export 44.. Us $0.4 billion, up 28.1% year on year. That's nearly five percentage points more than the 23.2% increase in the country's total imports and exports. Hardware building materials industry is the rapid development of China's industry in the past two years, but also China's new export growth point.

"Small" hardware became the prevailing climate

In recent years, China's hardware industry with an annual growth rate of 15% steady development, the annual total output value of 180 billion yuan, exports of 8 billion DOLLARS, higher than home appliances industry. The export volume of China's entire light industry accounts for about 1/3 of the country's total export volume, and the export volume of hardware industry ranks the top three in the light industry.

Although our country hardware building materials product is not enough high-grade, but very practical and durable, kind breed is much, the price has competition, the quality design design and color of the product and international level are in gradually close, enter international market more easy. For example, furniture hardware, and people's lives closely related, so the market is particularly large. When the international economic situation is good, our products are welcome. When the international economy is weak, our hardware building materials products are more popular, more competitive, our products in the international market more and more space. For example, in the United States, the consumption habit of flush toilets is to change every three years for the sake of sanitation, so flush toilets are particularly popular in the United States. Thus our country hardware building materials products even if be in existing level also should be able to win bigger international market

It is understood that at least 95% of China's hardware and building materials industry are private enterprises, the main force for the development of China's hardware and building materials industry. On the other hand, on the international hardware building materials market, the developed countries in Europe and The United States, due to the rapid development of production technology and the rise in labor prices, will transfer universal products to the production of developing countries, only the production of high added value products. And China has strong market potential, so it is more convenient to develop into a big country of processing and exporting hardware and building materials.

Multi-slice international market cake

Still need to work

The global hardware and building materials market, with sales of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and basically stable, should be a lot of cake. How to make the industry of hardware building materials big, make it in the world of hardware building materials sales stage play the leading role, carry the beam, as much as possible to the international market this "cake", this is the direction of China's hardware building materials industry needs efforts.

The modern international hardware industry includes six fields: tool hardware, construction hardware, lock security, kitchen and bathroom products, daily hardware and DIY (do-it-yourself production and installation of household products), with the total annual global trade of 600 billion US dollars. This is a market with great export potential for our country. Can be in world big market, the market share that place of our country hardware holds is not big still, the fundamental reason lies in our country product is still very low on technical content.

These years, domestic construction industry develops very fast, high-grade hotel guesthouse, residence needs a large number of door window hardware, faucet, conduit to connect a piece, stainless steel trough to wait, because the product of domestic majority is not advanced enough, have to import in large quantities.

Take a window for, the opening way of the window will be decided completely by hardware hinge, and homeproduced hinge is onefold, suit transverse push-pull only, no matter be from ventilated still daylighting cannot adapt the need of modern building, so the hinge that high-grade residence window USES is entrance basically

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