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The Importance of Metal Stamping in Today’s World
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The Importance of Metal Stamping in Today’s World

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The Importance of Metal Stamping in Today’s World

The Importance of Metal Stamping in Today’s World

Beginning operations in 2007, Cangzhou Futong has since grown and established itself as a premier metal stamping company offering forming, bending, punching, and deep drawn stamping capabilities. Armed with over 60 years of experience, highly skilled team members, and a broad selection of manufacturing equipment, we have what it takes to manufacture high-quality stampings for customers across a wide range of industries.

Providing Metal Stamping Services to Key Industries Since 2007

Metal stamping is a simple—but highly versatile—fabrication process. By choosing the right material, stamping press, and tool and die combination, manufacturers can create stamped components and assemblies for virtually any industry and industrial application. Some of the key industries that rely on the procedure for their parts and products include:

Aerospace. The metal stamping process allows aerospace manufacturers to maintain a high level of control at each stage of the process, enabling them to ensure the finished component fully meets the application’s requirements and the industry’s stringent standards and safety regulations.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). Metal stampings offer high strength at a low cost, making them ideal for the production of durable and reliable equipment.

Construction. Metal stampings demonstrate high strength and wear resistance, both of which are critical for hardware and other components used in harsh construction applications.

Medical. In the medical industry, patient health hinges on the quality of the medical devices and equipment. The metal stamping process allows medical manufacturers to produce parts and assemblies that are precise, accurate, durable, and reliable.

Commercial and Residential Appliances. Metal stampings are found in a wide range of commercial and residential appliances, from freezers and ice machines to microwaves and ovens to garbage disposals.

Electrical and Power. Many electrical components, from simple clips and connectors to highly complex and detailed assemblies, are made in stamping operations.

Cangzhou Futong is a full-service sheet metal fabricator that uses lean manufacturing tools and focuses on continuous improvement to give you the best results. From traditional metal fabrication services to 3D laser welding and rapid prototyping,Cangzhou Futong is your one-stop-shop for sheet metal projects from conception to production.


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