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The epidemic is out of control in the US, but why does the government insist on keeping the city closed?There are three reasons behind this
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The epidemic is out of control in the US, but why does the government insist on keeping the city closed?There are three reasons behind this

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on this global COVID-19 pandemic, we have found the right response in a timely manner. We have set clear targets and adopted resolute measures. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the whole nation, we have brought COVID-19 under control in a short time.But as we all know, novel Coronavirus is not a viral hit worldwide.Although coVID-19 is effectively under control in most parts of Asia.But North America and Europe have been hardest hit by the coVID-19 outbreak, which has now lasted more than half a year  

Our success in fighting COVID-19 has come at a huge price, both for our people and our nation.As you all know, in our fight against COVID-19, China took the most basic measures of city closure and isolation. Some countries have learned from China's successful experience in fighting COVID-19 and adopted the same measures to strictly control the flow of people, such as Japan and The Republic of Korea, so the epidemic was quickly brought under control.

The fact proves that the measures of city closure and isolation are effective.But now COVID-19 is spreading in the United States, with a cumulative total of 12.95 million confirmed cases, of which 1.2 million are children.And as you all know, the government propaganda in the United States is very different from the government propaganda in my country, which has repeatedly warned you about the dangers of the epidemic.All the grass-roots staff were mobilized for all kinds of publicity.And repeatedly reminded all citizens to wear masks and wash their hands frequently. 

in the United States, from top to bottom, people are saying coVID-19 is not dangerous, and U.S. President Donald Trump hasn't worn a mask for a long time.The President has led by example, and the public has been negligent in doing so. As a result, the epidemic in the United States has grown beyond control.So why has it been so clear that the epidemic is now out of control in the United States, and why has it been so slow to quarantine the city?In fact, specific national conditions specific analysis, there are three main reasons. 

First, the President of the United States does not have the power to order a city closure.The U.S. government is a federal system, and the laws vary from state to state, not to mention some provisions or agreements that do not fall within the scope of the law.Therefore, if the U.S. government wants to order a nationwide lockdown in the name of the national government, it must be approved by all the governors of the 50 states.So the President of the United States does not make orders that will not be carried out, he can only make Suggestions or requests

Second, the United States has a state system that makes it impossible to seal off cities nationwide.It is not easy to give such an order, but it is not easy, and what is more difficult is the logistics required to carry it out.The real challenges after the closure are to ensure the use of water and electricity in major cities, to ensure adequate supplies for people's livelihood, and to provide food and drinking water in the worst-hit areas.Our country can mobilize from top to bottom, but the United States cannot. 

Therefore, if the United States were to shut down the city, there would be a lot of social crises once the people's living materials could not be effectively guaranteed.Many people without access to adequate supplies face not only the threat of hunger, but also the possibility of unrest. 

Moreover, most Americans are not in the habit of saving, and if there were to be a lockdown, there would likely be a large number of people in need of relief, which would be a heavy burden on the U.S. government, both economically and politically.If so, then the closure of the city will not effectively control the spread of the epidemic, but will bring more problems.

The third reason is the unwillingness of the US government to bear the huge economic cost of the closure.With an economy as large as the United States, if the entire country shuts down for more than two months, there will be a severe downturn in all aspects of the economy, with an exponential increase in unemployment, economic setbacks and business bankruptcies.If there is a short-term collapse of the US economy or even a major economic setback, it is the result that the US government cannot afford.

So even if the outbreak starts to spread, the U.S. government won't shut down the city to stop the spread.Su Shi in the Song Dynasty wrote in his poem "He Zi You Apart From The Daily Mail", "When feeling sorry incident, the gain is not worth the loss".The us government has also concluded that closing the city does not pay off. 

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