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US media say the US is fighting a state-sanctioned massacre
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US media say the US is fighting a state-sanctioned massacre

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US media say the US is fighting a state-sanctioned massacre

A 56-foot billboard titled "Trump Death Clock" appeared in New York's Times Square on Monday.According to the report, the clock shows "the number of people who didn't have to die" due to President Donald Trump's inaction during the outbreak.

"Trump's glorious moment of 'Mission Accomplished' is finally coming to a close," The Daily Beast reported Tuesday, citing the president's appearance at a briefing on the COVID-19 outbreak two weeks after it was announced.Mr Trump has been forced to cut back on his briefings and step back from the spotlight after the storm erupted over his suggestion that Covid-19 can be treated with a disinfectant.This time, Trump came with the "victory fruit" of "American Novel Coronavirus testing the world's first". However, almost all the results and figures he boasted on that day were hit in the face by the media on the spot, and Trump even had a fierce conflict with the reporters on the spot.A reporter from CBS asked Trump why he boasted that the United States was better than any other country and behaved like a competition when more than 80,000 Americans had died of the epidemic and Americans were dying everyday.Pressed by reporters, Trump snapped and left the press conference, which was cut short.In recent days, the U.S. government's response to the pandemic has come under increasing criticism.The Washington Post said: "America's fight against the epidemic has become a state-sanctioned killing...Deliberately sacrificing seniors, workers, blacks and Hispanics."Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the US, will testify at a US Senate hearing on the Trump administration's responsibility for the epidemic on Thursday.He told the New York Times on Monday that the main purpose of his testimony was to issue a stern warning that the United States could suffer "unnecessary suffering and death" if it opened up too early.

US politicians and media are increasingly impatient with Trump's ineffective response to the epidemic while spreading false information."Saying victory right now is like running a marathon at mile 10 and then starting to celebrate," Indianapolis's mayor told CNN on the same day.According to The New York Times, Trump said the U.S. has more tests than South Korea, but he ignored the fact that South Korea has brought the epidemic under control, with a cumulative death toll of more than 200 as of Monday, compared with more than 80,000 in the U.S.

Statistics show that as of Sunday, nearly 9 million tests had been completed in the United States, The Washington Post said.That's a huge number, but only 2.74% of the U.S. population.The average detection rate in many countries around the world is much higher than in the United States, with 4.31 percent of the population tested in Italy, 3.5 percent in Germany and 15.4 percent in Iceland.In addition, the rate of testing in the United States is far below the level of testing that public health experts believe is necessary to reopen the economy.Over the weekend, the Harvard Institute for Global Health reported that at least 900,000 tests a day would be needed by May 15 to reopen the country, up from just over 200,000 tests a day now.

The number of confirmed cases in the US has reached 1,347,936 and 80,684 deaths as of 7 PM local time, according to Johns Hopkins University."The number of cases is going down across the United States," Trump boasted."What I'm most proud of is that we have the lowest death rate per capita, along with Germany."According to CNN, the United States is far from having one of the lowest death rates per capita.The United States has the ninth highest death rate per capita among more than 140 countries.

While the number of daily infections in the United States has declined from a peak in late April, nine states, including Minnesota, are still seeing an increase in new cases each day, while another 27 states and Washington, D.C., are seeing roughly the same number of new cases each day, the Times said.This keeps the country at a high level of new cases per day.The Washington Post said there were 20,741 new confirmed cases in the United States on March 30, with about 7,000 in New York.On May 10, there were 21,171 new cases in the United States, with only 2,273 in New York.Other states are seeing more cases.

While other countries are fighting the virus and are returning to work and school in a responsible manner, the United States is playing the role of the loser, the Washington Post said.The Trump administration has abandoned efforts to contain the epidemic and attempted to force people back to work without offering any protection.The report said, "This is a state-sanctioned killing that the Trump administration thinks is acceptable for 2,000 undeserving people to die every day...It's deliberately sacrificing seniors, workers, blacks and Hispanics."

A new billboard titled "Trump's Death Clock" has been put up in Times Square in New York City, showing the number of deaths in the US that might not have been necessary, AFP said Tuesday.The "Trump Death Clock" was created by US film producer Eugene Jaric.He said 60 percent of the deaths could have been prevented if the Trump administration had imposed the quarantine a week earlier, based on previous estimates by experts such as U.S. virologist Fauci."The lives that didn't have to die show that we need to look for more responsible crisis leadership," Mr. Yergin said.

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