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Xi Jinping's APEC Speech boosts Confidence in the Asia-Pacific region And draws the world's attention to China's new journey
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Xi Jinping's APEC Speech boosts Confidence in the Asia-Pacific region And draws the world's attention to China's new journey

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With the attention of the world, Xi jinping attended the APEC CEO Summit and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Seizing the Opportunity of World Economic Transformation for Greater Development in the Asia-Pacific".This is the first time for Xi Jinping to attend an international multilateral meeting after the successful conclusion of the 19th CPC National Congress and make China's voice heard to the world in a new era.

In his speech, Xi observed the general trend of the world economy, drew a blueprint for the development of the Asia-Pacific region and expounded five new journeys for the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Experts said in an interview with People's Daily online that Xi's APEC speech greatly boosted confidence in the Asia-Pacific region, unleashed new opportunities brought about by China's development, demonstrated extraordinary wisdom and sense of responsibility as a major country, and illuminated the new future of the Asia-Pacific region with China's new journey.

Explain domestic and foreign policies in response to international focus

Xi jinping's heavyweight speech at the APEC CEO Summit has drawn great attention from the international community.

Ruan Zongze, executive vice President of the China Institute of International Studies, said in an interview with People's Daily online that before the summit, the international community had been concerned about two issues: Whether China could come up with solutions to the problems facing the Asia-Pacific region and even the world;Second, what new ideas and ideas do Chinese leaders have in governing the country after the 19th National Congress?

"You can clearly see that President Xi jinping's keynote speech made specific explanations on both issues."Ruan pointed out that the speech was problem-oriented and to the point. It covered many important issues, clarified domestic and foreign policies, responded to the concerns of the international community, and greatly enhanced the world's in-depth understanding of China in the new era.

"In the face of the profound changes in the world economy, is the Asia-Pacific leading the way in the tide of reform and innovation, or is it hesitating?Should we take the initiative to guide economic globalization forward, or should we hesitate in the face of challenges?Should we join hands to open up new prospects for regional cooperation, or should we drift apart?"Xi Jinping's questions in his speech were very impressive.

Sun Zang, secretary-general of the SCO Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told People's Daily online that President Xi jinping has clearly pointed out that the development of the Asia-Pacific region should be innovative, open and cooperative, change the way of economic development, strengthen economic cooperation among countries and jointly solve economic problems.

Sun zhuangzhi further pointed out that China as the world's fastest growing, growing, staggering economy, accumulated a lot of useful experience, "Mr Xi in his speech, chairman of the details about China's future development direction, through the international stage to introduce China's experience and wisdom, make the plan is an important choice for national development problems."

Take the pulse of the economic situation and map out a new vision for the Asia-Pacific

"In recent years, whenever I attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, I find time to meet my friends from the business community and discuss with them ideas and measures to meet the current challenges."At the beginning of his speech, Xi pointed out that the Asia-Pacific is the largest sector of the global economy and a major engine of world economic growth.

Ruan zongze said that China is one of the most important economies in the Asia-Pacific region and how the region will develop in the future. In his speech, President Xi Jinping first talked about the current world economic situation and then put forward China's proposal.

"No one can exhort those who go, but still others can follow."Citing an ancient Chinese poem, Xi pointed out that the world is undergoing rapid changes in the course of history and the world economy is undergoing deeper changes. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the development trend of the world economy, identify the right direction, grasp the law and resolutely respond to it.

"These four transformations -- the profound transformation of growth drivers, the global development model, the process of economic globalization and the global economic governance system -- profoundly reflect the underlying trend of the entire international economy.""President Xi jinping then used the 'four continuations' to clarify China's vision, thinking and proposals, which are made in response to the changing international economic situation," Sun said.

Xi's statement, which resonated strongly with the guests, has been dubbed the "New Vision for the Asia-Pacific".Fariborz Mohiorian, a finance professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia, told the media that China has shown leadership in building the FTAAP and that "President Xi's speech laid out the blueprint for us."

We will embark on five new journeys to release China's dividends

In his speech, Xi jinping announced to the world that, under the leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people will embark on a new journey.He explained the specific connotation of the new journey from five aspects.

-- A new journey to comprehensively deepen reform and unleash the vitality of development.

-- A new journey of advancing with The Times and innovating the mode of development.

-- A new journey toward the world and an open economy at a higher level.

-- A new journey toward a better life centered on the people.

-- We need to build a new type of international relations and a community with a Shared future for mankind.

"By comprehensively deepening reform, we have removed institutional barriers to development, rolled out 360 major reform plans and more than 1,500 reform measures, made breakthroughs in a number of important areas and key links, and basically established the main framework for reform in major areas."In his speech, Xi reiterated China's determination to comprehensively deepen reform.

Why is special emphasis placed on comprehensively deepening reform?How does China's reform relate to the development of the Asia-Pacific and the world at large?Ruan pointed out that China's development is a process of continuous reform. China's comprehensive deepening of reform will release more reform dividends and provide greater opportunities for the rest of the world.

The People's Daily pointed out that to embark on the "Five new journeys" is, first and foremost, to embark on a new journey of comprehensively deepening reform. This is a profound summary of the significance of reform in China's development process, and it is an urgent need for reform to continuously unleash the vitality of development.

From comprehensively deepening reform to promoting the building of a community with a Shared future for mankind, Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the APEC CEO Summit will inject new impetus into the development of the Asia-Pacific and unleash new dividends of world economic development. It will have a far-reaching impact.

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