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metal web joist
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metal web joist

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metal web joist

Cangzhoufutong Metal Web Joists System Advantage                
OPEN WEB DESIGN                
This allows for easier more practical installation of services including waste water pipes, electrical cabling, heating pipes and other services. Also, no hole locating or drilling,limits any possibility of incorrect workmanship and reduces labour costs.                
LIGHT WEIGHT                
The combination of smaller timber sections with the light weight metal web means the finished product is lighter than it’s timber equivalents.                
The large bearing surface allows for speedy setting out of joists,improves joist stability when laying out joists and enables easier fixing of decking materials.                
LONG-TERM STABILITY                
The reduced sections used in the manufacture of the metal web means less shrinkage is experienced meaning a quieter and longer lasting floor system.                
The metal web floor system allows for the installation of a rigid Strongback that reduces vibration and improves the overall performance of the floor.
metal web joist
Products name posi joist hangers
Key words timber posi joists,posi joist floor
Material 1.2mm galvanized steel DX51D-Z275 grade
As posi joists suppliers,We can make different sizes for posi floor joists.

metal web joist sizes
Web Size Web Depth Weight per pair Truss Weight
(90x45 chords)
No. of teeth
(ends or crotch)
PS20 184mm 0.32 kg 4.85 kg/m 14/28
PS25 227mm 0.34 kg 5.02 kg/m 18/36
PS30 284mm 0.39 kg 5.28 kg/m 20/40
PS40 392mm 0.53 kg 5.72 kg/m 20/40
metal web joist

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