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Foil Tack Fasteners for Fixing Building Foils
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Foil Tack Fasteners for Fixing Building Foils

Foil Fix is an ideal connector for fixing building foils to timber framing. It is supplied in easy span-off sticks of 10 for fast, convenient and safe use on-site. Foil fix can be used to fix foil insulation to both wall and roof frames.

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Foil Fix is an ideal connector for fixing building foils to timber framing. It is supplied in easy span-off sticks of 10 for fast, convenient and safe use on-site. Foil fix can be used to fix foil insulation to both wall and roof frames.






Galvanized sheet DX51D-Z275

Material thickness






3 Timber Plate (2)


D-DS-49-03-03 (1)


*Adaptability-Foil fix can be used to fix foil insulation to both wall and roof frames.
*Withdrawal Strength-Twisted nail profile allows ready penetration into and excellent holding power in all timbers, from the softest to the hardest.
*Tear Resistant Design-Rounded and coined edges, and a wide size (21mm), greatly reduce the tendency of foil insulation to tear in windy conditions.
*Ease of Use-Supplied in easy snap-off sticks of 10 for fast, convenient and safe use on-site.
*Good quality-Made from galvanized sheet steel for high resistance to corrosion.


Fixes foil insulation to timber frames.


Fixing lining boards and sheet materials.

Quick and easy way of fixing foil products to timber structures.


Relevant Applications:

Fixing of foil insulation and shade cloth

Carport Construction

Pergola Construction


Features & Benefits

Large surface area gives a more superior hold than staples and clouts.

Reduces tearing.

Easy to attach to hardwood or pine.

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The packages could be customized according to your requirements


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